The Specialized Project uses a range of experienced industry professionals that we can make available to make your event a success. We can provide public address hire equipment and smaller sound systems for any occasion, in any location. We offer a wide range of PA, lighting and backline equipment to suit your requirements. We have a team of experienced professionals including Front of House Engineers, Monitor Engineers, Stage Managers, Lighting Engineers and Stage Crew depending on your requirements. Quotations are assessed and tailored to your individual requirements, so please do not hesitate to contact us for a personal consultation. We can fully manage all the technical aspects of your event or you can simply hire our equipment, that’s entirely up to you.

Audio Production

We offer a wide range of integrated recording solutions ranging from mixdowns to full recording sessions. With thirty years of audio production experience we can offer bespoke solutions to get your music heard.

Pre and post production

Audio Restoration
Sound Design


Often mixdowns are pushed to the very end of a session and many cannot afford the luxury of paying full studio rates entirely for the critical part of the production. We can offer a mixdown service at the fraction of the cost. All you would need to do is provide the raw wav files of your recording session.


Mastering is a mysterious world to many but an integral part of achieving professional-sounding recordings. We offer mastering services that will supply you with professional-sounding masters for CD manufacture or download ready mp3s.

Project Management

Working in the music industry involves a never-ending series of projects. For musicians, managers, and industry entrepreneurs, this could include founding a new business, going on tour, a major marketing campaign, getting a Website up and running, and much, much, more. These projects come in all sizes, budgets, and levels of complexity, but for each, setting up a process for planning, executing, and monitoring your work is crucial in achieving your goals. Specialized Project Management will provide you with an overall approach, with many specific tools, to help you successfully complete your music industry-related projects. You will develop a clearer sense of the work you want to do, and be able to break down abstract ideas into realistic components – along with realistic action plans to accomplish them.