Specialized Records

Who are Specialized Records?

Specialized Records is part of The Specialized Project. Over the years we’ve produced an ever increasing catalogue of music. Specialized Records is now the outlet for our compilation albums but this will grow into a label that produces original releases and helps to develop new music.
In 2016 we helped the American band Heavensbee to release their debut album Soul Mates. It then became an online hub for bands to promote and sell pre-existing albums. This included Big Fat Panda’s ‘It’s Oot’, Kingsizes ‘Passport to Ska’ and Bluebird Parades ‘Songs from the Headland’.

What does Specialized Records do?

We’ve built an international pool of exciting and innovative musicians, producers and audio engineers who help us with the production of our compilation albums.
Since 2012 we’ve arranged session musicians in the production of over one hundred songs and assisted in the mixing of over fifty recordings.
Recently we helped the Venezuelan band Doctor No to mix and master their debut album and we’re helping other bands in a similar way.