Event Name: The BIG ONE 9 ONLINE
Time: 12pm
Date: 7th November to 8th November 2020
Location: Your Front Room


The Big One 9 has not been canceled, Its moved online
On the 6th 7th and 8th of November we’ll be streaming The Big One Festival through our Facebook page and Website.
Two days of great music as well as Auctions, Competitions and all the fun of the Big One Festival.
Hosted by Dan Vitale (Bim Skala Bim), we’ll have a myriad of international bands and solo artists from all seven continents.
We’ll also be broadcasting footage of previous Big One Festivals and brand new episodes of Masers Remastered
But that,s not all.. they’ll also be memorabilia auctions, competitions and special guests.
Join us on the 7th and 8th of November for The Big One 9 Online
Over the weekend of 6th 7th & 8th of November we’ll be producing possibly the largest virtual festival of the year. We hope that in some small way that will offer a chance for the ska community to come together online to enjoy good music, company and support our charitable causes.
Specialized is changing. Come along and enjoy the ride.
Running order for the bands
The Big One 9 Online
But not at all limited to just the below…
Friday 6th November
Masters Remastered with
The Toasters
Laurel Aitken
7th November 12pm
Circle J 12:10
Graviti 12:45
Rough Kutz 1:30
Paul interviews Gerard Mcnamara 2:00
Around the world 2:15
Mike Pinto 2:45
The Auction News 3:10
Chango Munks 3:15
Big Fat Panda 3:30
Stop the Presses 4:00
Women in Ska (New England Ska Summit)
Girls Go Ska 4:30
Message from Sal Polichetti
Around the world 2 5:00
Ska influences – New England Ska Summit
Jah Jazz Orchestra 5:35
Roddy Byers 5:55
The Untouchables 6:10
Eli Ray 6:40
The Bandulus 7:10
Michelle Mcguffog
Nick Rocks the Lock Down (Video Diary with Nick Welsh) 8:50
The Silencerz Feat. Lee Thompson 9:20
Masters Remastered with Prince Buster 10:15
Sunday 8th November 11am
Remembrance with Jeff Barber and Steve Bourne
The Decatonics 11:05
Ten Bob Notes 11:45
Irie Man 11:15
The Magnetics 12:00
The Pub Quiz 1:00
The Auction News
Epic XVIII 1:15
Around the World 3 1:40
Captain Accident & The Disasters 2:00
Calypso Joe Brown 2:30
The Scotch Bonnets 2:50
Sky Fanatic 3:20
Detroit Riddim Crew 4:00
Ska Best City 4:25
New Lion Ska 4:55
Tamsha 5:25
Rudebeard 5:55
The Skapones 6:35
Numb 7:15
The Suicide Machines 8:15
Chris Murray 8:30
Masters Remastered with The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra 9:30

Event Line-Up

The Untouchables
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King Hammond
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Chris Murray
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The Silencerz Feat' Lee Thompson
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Roddy Radiation
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The Toasters
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The Suicide Machines
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The Scotch Bonnets
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The Magnetics
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Mike Pinto
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Sky Fanatic
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Detroit Riddim Crew
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Stop The Presses
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Girls Go Ska
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Captain Accident & The Distasters
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Jah Jazz Orchestra
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Chango Munks
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Big Fat Panda
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The Rough Kutz
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Eli Ray
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The Skapones
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The Decatonics
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Circle J
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