Introducing BLOCKBUSTER a Tribute to Glam Rock

Glam rock added a splash of colour and sparked a different kind of cultural evolution – Thrilling music dressed up in spectacular costume.

will be the international Ska communities tribute to Glam Rock

The Great Britain of the 70s could be a drab, monochrome place. The buzz of the Summer Of Love had long faded and in its place, it seemed, came the escalating tensions in Northern Ireland, economic and political crisis and a sense that the nation’s moment had passed. Glam rock (or “glitter rock”, as it was better known in the US) added a rare splash of colour and sparked a very different kind of cultural evolution. In part a reaction to that turgid zeitgeist of the time, and in part further evidence that the music scene still had some solid boundaries to press against.
It was working class scene and a response to the prevailing musical landscape that had grown more statesmanlike and serious. The glam rockers could see that the world wasn’t changing despite the efforts of the previous flower power movement, instead they wanted to escape it, creating a rich, out-there theatricality that strayed thrillingly close to performance art territory. However, They clearly wrote from direct experience, in the language of their brethren in the Different (working) Class: “Doc Martens and Crombies
The dancehalls of 70s Britain enjoyed it’s penchant for short, simple and loud guitar based tunes with anthem-like choruses, strongly prevalent in the glam rock hits of the day. It is those shouted choruses, like chants on the stadium terraces, cheering on the footy team, that resonate as a primal call to arms. The Glam scene acted as a proto punk movement sharing it’s unashamed desire to break fashion norms and push the boundaries of British society in the 70’s

As always the album be produced by Paul Ayriss and he’ll encouraging creativity and reinterpretation. Bands will be encouraged to reinterpret the songs as Ska, Reggae, or Punk versions.
The songs will focus on the classic 1970’s era of Glam Rock. We’ll be splitting the style into a handful of scenes. The first rocknroll revival of Mud, Sweet and Mott the Hoople. The second generation of song writers like Roxy Music, T-Rex, Bowie, Elton John. The third generation of teen pop idols like ABBA, Bay City Rollers. We’ll also include American garage rock, Iggy Pop, New York Dolls, Lou Reed. Also, the sophisticated crossovers like Queen and Electric Light Orchestra. All of the albums 70 tracks have been allocated and will include bands from across the world.

Since our formation in 2012 we have released eight themed tribute albums. These are 4-Disc CD boxsets that include exclusive covers by bands from across the world. Each year has a new theme. Since our formation in 2012 we have released the following tribute albums

Specialized 1 – A Modern take on Specials classics a tribute to The Specials

Specialized 2 – Beat Teenage Cancer a tribute to The Beat

Specialized 3 – Mad Not Cancer a tribute to Madness

Specialized 4 – Combat Cancer a tribute to The Clash

Specialized 5 One Heart, a tribute to Bob Marley & the Wailers

Specialized 6 – Gifted, a Tribute to The Jam

Specialized 7 – Boss, a Tribute to the Original Sounds of Ska

Specialized 8 – Check One Two the Spirit of 79

We’ve decided that the next album in the series will be fun and different and 70 bands from across the world agree. This unique album will be available in August 2020.