Historically The Specialized Project has acted as a fund raiser for a variety of established charities. It made sense to us that we should develop into care providing of our own. Since registering as a Community Interest Company we have a responsibility to provide our own services

Our own experiences have inspired us to begin providing access to ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY. With a particular focus on serious illness, injury and palliative care

Assistive technology is an umbrella term for assistive products and their related systems and services.
Assistive products help maintain or improve an individual’s functioning related to cognition, communication, hearing, mobility, self-care and vision, thus enabling their health, well-being, inclusion and participation.
Assistive equipment at the end stages of life may enhance well-being by extending time spent at home, increasing independence and reducing carer burden

Recently we have supplied a family with a HD Baby Video Monitor with camera and baby breathing monitor
This highly sensitive non-touch device monitors a baby’s movements through the mattress. This item offers a comprehensive monitoring of a child’s wellbeing and provides immediate alerts an a variety of issues

We’ll still be working within music events and products alongside this new initiative. as this provides us with a fund raising platform so that we can continue our established commitment to supporting people that really need it.

The Specialized Project – ‘Good’ with music