Our new theme for 2023

We put it to the vote and you’ve told us what you really really want.

At its heart, the origins of punk began with a passion to achieve something undeniably real. Punk responded to the gritty realism of the politics and socioeconomic cultures of the day. It grabbed society by the head and shook it into taking notice with its seemingly outrageous disposition.

What began as an artistic movement and an expression of counter-cultural angst, crossed continents into film studios, literature, poetry, theatres, art galleries and catwalks. From the streets of New York and London punk became a global commodity. This culture had at its centre a collection of ideas. Nihilistic, pessimistic, anti-authoritarian and anarchic in its civil and political message; provocative, theatrical in its artistic in its expression; hedonistic, experimental and uncompromising in its social values. Punk embraced Jamaican music and Bob Marleys Punky Reggae Party returned the honour. Our 12th themed album will highlight the pioneers of Punk, from the garages of America to the pubs of England to the rest of the world.

Punk Pioneers – The Roots of Punk Rock, will be a Ska album that will focus on the pioneering musicians that founded Punk as a new movement in the 1970s. From Garage Rock to Pub Rock into the early punk bands. As usual the album will be a 4-Disc CD boxset by a international array of bands

Among the bands appearing on Punk Pioneers are

The Spammed

Inspecter 7

Suspense Heroes Syndicate

King Django

Jackie Starr

Operation Offbeat

J Navarro and the Traitors

The Resignators



Young Israelites