Specialized 500 Challenge

On the weekend of 26/27th June 2021 we invite you to pull on your walking boots and join us for the Specialized 500 Challenge.

Phil Smith ( aka Uncle Phil) takes up the story…
“Since taking part in the Specialized 3 Peaks Challenge in April 2019 I’ve been thinking of other ways to raise money for Specialized through my love of walking. This year has proved difficult due to all the COVID-19 restrictions so I began to formulate a plan to get as many people involved in their local area over one weekend. As a regular Walker I’ve noticed more people than ever using walking as an aid to both their physical and mental health.
I was also aware that Specialized is a music-based charity, so asked a couple of the bands on the Specialized roster if they would be interested in recording a version of The Proclaimers classic ‘ I’m Gonna Be ( 500 Miles) to coincide with the event. Hence The Specialized 500 was born. “
The idea is to get as many people as possible out over the weekend to walk 5, 10 or 20 miles ( or as many as they can manage) to make up the magic 500 miles total. You simply pledge your distance, get friends and family to sponsor you , and add your mileage to the total.
We’ve already had people sign up from all over the UK ( many of which are organising community walks in their local area), as well as parts of Europe.
For more information contact Phil Smith via Facebook, or check out or Facebook page The Specialized 500 Challenge.
Pull your boots on , and come and make a difference…..

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