Specialized Present…The Untouchables at The Big One 9

THE UNTOUCHABLES – USA ska/soul legends head to THE BIG ONE 9 IN 2020!

6/7/8 NOVEMBER 2020

We are totally thrilled beyond words to bring you the band that lit the fuse paper for many burgeoning USA ska bands in the mid 80s
Its the one and only, all the way from Los Angeles, celebrating 35 years of their ” Wild Child” album – THE UNTOUCHABLES! THE UT’S !
The band haven’t been in the UK for many years so come to Specialized-The Big One 9 in November to experience the legends THE UNTOUCHABLES
In 1985, Smash Hits magazine in the UK declared ’85 as the “RETURN OF THE RUDE BOY”, at a time when 2Tone had bit the dust in the country, these cool brothers from LA were starting to make waves in the UK after taking America by storm.
Madness’ record label Stiff Records signed the band up and they smashed into the UK charts with the still to this day soul/ska/mod classic of theirs “Free Yourself”, then followed that up with the cracker “I Spy For the FBI” which was produced for them by the 2Tone legend Jerry Dammers. They released the acclaimed album “Wild Child” which we will celebrate with them at The Big One 9 as it celebrates its 35th Anniversary in 2020.
This is going to be remarkable and a return to the UK for THE UNTOUCHABLES!

In their own words..

“In the beginning there were only a few of them, they would dress up in our vintage mohair suits, sit around in local cafes and talk about how great it would be if the entire city were full of mods and modettes, rude boys and rude girls. The clubs would be filled with sweaty dancers and their parking lots with shiny scooters. …. This year was the summer of 1980. they didn’t realise that by 1981 they’d be in the middle of their dream come true. All of a sudden there were hundreds of Mods & rudies everywhere.

The Untouchables first record that was Twist-n-Shake b/w Dance Beat, released on their own Dancebeat label in 1982. Then came 1983’s Tropical Bird b/w The General. Tropical Bird was a pretty traditional ska number with jungle overtones.The General was a classic two-tone sounding dance tune. …. Their first 12” was a six song EP(’84) — Live & Let Dance, that included originals like Free Yourself, Lebanon, Whiplash and What’s Gone Wrong — all of which got some local play on KROQ Radio during the mid-80s — mostly Rodney on the Roq, but occasionally during regular rotation as well. Also included a great cover of Stepping Stone. Their early singles and records were eagerly bought up by the mods & rudies and have become rarities. It was in ’84 that the Untouchables started to get recognition, becoming the posterboys for the Los Angeles mod scene appearing in movies like Repo Man and Surf II. Their first full-length LP came in 1985 — Wild Child. Interestingly enough, Wild Child — the song — was written by Tony Rugolo lead singer of The Question and was intended for The Question’s own LP which — for various reasons — never saw the light of day. So, UTs stole, borrowed, grabbed, bought (depending on who you talk to) the song from Tony and it became the title track as well as one of their best live numbers. The entire album was musically tight and very consistent. …. The compilation album The Untouchable’s Live: A Decade of Dance was recorded at The Roxy in Hollywood on December 22nd 1989 — The Untouchables: Cool Beginnings Rare and Unreleased 1981 – 1983. Cool Beginnings reaches back into Los Angeles mod antiquity to dredge up some really rough live, and bedroom studio, recordings. Rough like uncut diamonds, rough gems: Ska Mods, Mod Knights, Another Late Night, Motion Like Hers, and The General, to name a few.The Untouchables early shows were great for their intensity, incredibly energy, and like the LA scene at that time, immaturity. Early on, they did a stint as the house band at the Roxy, and were the mod/ska band to see every weekend at places like The Timbers, Oscar’s Cornhusker, Mama Brown’s Backdoor, Fenders and even the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach. The liner notes for Cool Beginnings says of their years at the Roxy, “Color barriers were smashed as black and white youths came from neighboring cities and counties to join the mod revival in unity, harmony and ska. 1983 was a very good year for ska mods in Hollywood.” …. The Untouchables were the impetus for bands such as Fishbone, and later for numerous California ska acts like (early, early, early) No Doubt, Donkey Show, Skeletones and Let’s Go Bowling.

The Untouchables at The Big One 9