Update regarding Blockbuster deliveries

The Blockbuster album has now arrived with us in the UK. All orders preorders have now been sent out We thank you all very much for your incredible patience and supportand we hope that you feel that the album was worth the wait.
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Updated February 4th 2021
We’re pleased to report that Blockbuster will be with us soon. Our latest tribute has faced many challenges because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and this has caused the big delay. In a addition to that, were told of some complications in accessing composite materials have caused further delays and so this led to the CD manufacture seeking help abroad
We’re told that they have now completed the manufacture of Blockbuster and are about to ship them to us. Even now were told that this can’t happen as quickly as we’d like, and they’ve have given us an expected arrival date of February 14th. This is the date that we’ll receive them and then we’ll get them out to you immediately. We already have the envelopes with your names on ready and waiting.

There’s been some frequently asked questions so let’s answer some of those:
1 – Will overseas buyers face customs duties now the UK has left the European Union?
A large proportion of our sales come from overseas. We can’t account for your local postage systems and It depends on the country. Many European countries state you must pay VAT on products that cost more than €22. Import duties only apply if products cost more than €150. However, the UK government offers different information and states that you’ll be required pay VAT on goods sent from the UK into the EU countries if they’re: gifts worth more than £39 or other goods worth more than £15. The import VAT rate is usually 20%.

2- What if I refuse to pay that?
The item will be returned to the UK and eventually to us. It would be better for you to cancel the order before it is dispatched.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues we are aware there are concerns around its potential impact on our business operability. We want to assure you that we are still dedicated to honouring merchandise orders and continuing with our activities in the best way that we can.
The pandemic has had a huge impact on business operability and problems are further affected by Britain’s recent departure from the EU. Many music media manufacturers have long established relationships with suppliers throughout Europe and so that has required further adjustment to working practice.

We are very grateful for the patience you’ve shown waiting for the Blockbuster album. This is the first time in our ten years that we’ve been unable to release one of tribute albums in the year that it was produced. In 2020 the production of the tribute album presented many challenges that may have led to its cancellation. Instead, we decided that we would follow The Teenage Cancer Trusts mantra of ‘Can’t Stop – Won’t Stop’.
With the closure of recording facilities world-wide we supported the musicians to home record and offered a range of support including training and technical assistance. This inevitably led to the album being completed later in the year than usual.

The album was completed and sent for pressing in November 2020. Currently we are waiting for delivery of Blockbuster from the manufacturer.

The following is a statement from our manufacturer

“During this time, we are manufacturing as usual and can confirm that all of our major European suppliers are currently open and operating, but some delays must be expected due to outbreaks of Covid -19. Each facility has put plans in place to safeguard staff and implement social distancing. Currently, manufacturing across the UK and Europe is experiencing an unprecedented demand. With our vast network of suppliers, we are well placed to offer competitive lead times, but we recommend that you call us to check lead times before planning your release.
The Group has major suppliers in 6 countries, which will allow us to be flexible with order placement as we continue to react to ongoing developments.”

The Specialized Project have been making music for ten you years and our manufacturer has been in business for thirty years. Neither of us plan to stop and fully intend to fulfill all orders as soon as possible
Thank you for your patience, Its truly appreciated
Take Care, Stay Safe, Well and Active
The Specialized Project